Laminate Flooring is a unique type of flooring which is made up of pressed wood. It is actually constructed of four layers such as back layer, core layer, design layer and wear layer. The back layer is a one which is a bottom layer and it is responsible for the protection of the plank against the moisture; at the same time, it balances the floor. The core layer is a one which is above the back layer and with the aid of the high-density board protection from the indentations and the moisture takes place.

The design layer which is above the core layer and wears layer which is the top layer is made up of the aluminum oxide. With the aid of the aluminum oxide, the protection takes place against fading, stains and surface burns. The installation of the laminate flooring is a faster one and easier too. The folks can install about three hundred square feet in a shorter interval of time. In the older days, the laminate flooring requires the glue pieces to each other. In the present era, the laminate flooring has been improved a lot and it has the lock design which allows the planks to integrate together similar to that of the puzzle pieces.