Hardwood flooring gives an ethnic look with the modernly styled hardwood flooring. There are two major types of hardwood flooring such as solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring. In the first type of flooring, a solid piece of wood is layered from top to bottom. Generally, the thickness of flooring can vary and it can be used in any room which is above the ground. The main advantage of solid wood flooring is that it can be sanded and refinished for multiple times. These types of floors are the perfect one in the living rooms, kitchens and powder rooms etc.

On the other side of the flip, in the basement part, the solid wood flooring cannot be used. The engineered wood flooring is a unique type of flooring where the real wood floors are used which are manufactured with the several layers of wood veneers. These types of woods can be either nailed or stapled to the wood subfloor including the concrete subfloor. The engineered wood will both expand and contract lesser than that of the solid wood flooring in case of any fluctuations in the humidity and temperature. The real fact is that installation of the wood floors is more complicated one comparing to the painting the walls or replacing the entire hardware system in the kitchen cabinets.